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Co2 MIG Welding Inverter I Ethical Management

Co2 MIG Welding Inverter

Establish the standards for righteous acts and value judgments to become a trustworthy company.
The most important principle in business is ethics management.

Dongjoo Metal’s employees and business partners run the business in a fair and transparent way according to strict ethical standards to manufacture the best welding equipment such as Co2 MIG welding inverter. We promise to comply with the laws and meet your ethical standards.
We always consider business ethics a top priority and cooperate with the relevant organizations when making a decision and working out a business plan for producing perfect welding equiment like Co2 MIG welding inverter.

Dongjoo Metal will practice ethics management in society.
We will fulfill our economic responsibility to the fullest in the fairest way possible. We will make profits in compliance with the regulations and contribute to local communities in order to fulfill our legal, social, and ethical responsibilities.

Co2 MIG Welding Inverter
Value creation as a respectful, trustworthy company “Transparent management and continued innovation I Co2 MIG WElding Inverter”

A company you want to work with + A company you want to invest in + A company you want to work for = Ethical management(The company will fulfill its responsibility and duty to the fullest.)

Action Guides (Co2 MIG Welding Inverter)


We will guarantee equal opportunity for everyone and run our business based on the principle of free competition. In addition, we will build mutual trust and partnership through transparent business based on long-term win-win growth.


- Do not claim personal expenses.
- Do not claim expenses without any evidence. (Submit proper evidence.)


- Side jobs are not allowed. Do not mix business with pleasure.
- Do not use corporate assets for personal use.
- Unfair, forced transactions between relatives are prohibited.
- Do not run a business or have a side job after work.


Relations between employees: Superiors should not order inferiors or engage in any wrongful act. Employees should not lend money to each other. Superiors should not make an unfair suggestion to trading companies.


- Do not utilize the information provided by other businesses for personal use.
- Do not exchange information with competitors.

Compliance Program (Co2 MIG Welding Inverter)

Through the Compliance Program, we provide clear action guides in order to comply with the fair trade regulations, prevent legal violations, and enhance business transparency.