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Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
Shipyard construction, management, and modernization I Inverter Submerged Arc Welder

Our consulting service provides a solution
that improves and enhances your competitiveness, productivity, and system capacity. We offer intelligent and innovative solutions in cooperation with our customers.

Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
Information technology for shipbuilding
We provide cutting-edge information technology from the initial design stage to the final ship construction stage.
Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
Shipbuilding engineering and technology
In all shipyards, shipbuilding should be efficient from concept design to completion.
We offer the best solutions with the highest productivity at reasonable prices.
You can count on our expertise and decades of experience in shipyard development.
We are able to complete the most difficult project in the shortest amount of time.
We have experienced and trustworthy consulting and project management teams.
Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
We provide the following services for customers who want to improve or develop a project:
  • Shipyard measurement/layout
  • Feasibility study
  • Optimization of construction strategy and project plan
  • Optimization of logistics and productivity
Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
※Shipyard construction
  • Geographical conditions of shipyard
    1. Geographical conditions of shipyard
    2. Shipyard repair
= Combined shipyard (optimized model)
Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
All common factors I Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
(Man + Material + Method)

You need a coastline suitable for the size of the shipyard.


You should be able to purchase materials easily.


You should be able to secure a general workforce easily.
– You should secure a technical workforce.


The relevant industries should be developed nearby.


You should be able to secure an abundance of fresh water.


Low rainfall and climate should be managed.


The tidal range should be narrow.


The stormy sea should be submerged in the ocean walls.

Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
Ship design I Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
Our team is capable of providing a suitable concept for all types of ships. We design an outline and develop specifications for a wide range of offshore applications and analyses. Based on customer requirements, we consider cargo type, load capacity, size, speed, and routes based on the physical, economic, technical, and operational aspects. We are capable of giving advice about ships’ basic performance specifications and major equipment. We calculate performance and verify the accumulated performance. We give advice based on our experience and technical expertise in different types of ships. We meet customer requirements and ultimately guarantee the comfort of those who operate a ship.
Inverter Submerged Arc Welder


Design and drawing review I Inverter Submerged Arc Welder
At the initial stage of a new project, we thoroughly review and evaluate all drawings and technical specifications in order to ensure that the design fully complies with the latest international regulations. We monitor changes in regulations and consider regulations that have not yet been adopted. After obtaining consent from the shipowner, we negotiate all the necessary modifications and improvements with the shipyard. At this stage, a ship design review includes customers’ special requirements. The goal is to realize the most efficient, user-friendly, up-to-date layout in terms of operation. We cooperate with customers in all stages from model test to shipyard and shipowner meetings. We believe that we can gain long-term benefits in terms of ship lifespan and cost reduction by investing our time in the important stages of a project.
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    COT and VLCC

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    B/C and VLOC

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