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DongJoo Metal Management Philosophy

DongJoo Metal

Dongjoo Metal is making efforts to become a global company by developing its creative thinking, proactive attitude, and willpower.
We will evolve into a global non-ferrous metal company based on our creative pioneer thinking and strong willpower.
We have been growing fast based on our pioneer thinking and strong willpower in spite of our short history. We will not stop here.
To become a leading global company, we declare our management philosophy of "Act and Share Information with All Executives and Employees."

  • DongJoo Metal
    DongJoo Metal expands our corporate values through sustained growth.
    • We have become a leader in the industrial field.
    • We find and develop promising business items in a proactive way.
    • We develop core competences for future growth.
    • We establish a flexible and clear management system.
    • We establish a solid global management system.
  • DongJoo Metal
    DongJoo Metal pushes for safe, eco-friendly management.
    • We create a safe and pleasant working environment.
    • We are a pioneer in developing and distributing eco-friendly technology.
    • We make efforts for eco-friendly production.
    • We operate a safety management system voluntarily to prevent accidents.
  • DongJoo Metal
    DongJoo Metal contributes to society as a global company
    • We make efforts to develop local communities.
    • We contribute to the nation by paying taxes and creating jobs.
    • We contribute to human prosperity by creating values.
  • DongJoo Metal
    DongJoo Metal practices fair and transparent management.
    • We comply with the laws and business ethics.
    • We make efforts to maintain order in the free market through fair competition.
    • We create a fair and righteous atmosphere for transactions.
  • DongJoo Metal
    DongJoo Metal builds labor-management relations based on mutual respect and trust.
    • We create a dynamic, energetic corporate culture based on participation and trust.
    • We are responsible for our position, the competitiveness of the company.
    • We make efforts to help our executives and employees attain self-realization.
    • We enhance the quality of life.